"Here's to the corkscrew - a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship,

and the gate of pleasant folly."   ---  W.E.P. French

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How many acres are planted?

We have seven blocks for a total of 7 acres planted. In the configuration of 8 x 10 (eight foot vine spacing and ten foot row spacing), one acre equals 545 vines.  By 2016, our goal is to have the vineyard fully planted at 12 acres total.


How much wine will an acre produce?

  • Based on pruning techniques in order to keep a 'balanced' vine, we can expect to harvest anywhere from 3 - 4 tons of grapes per acre.

  • One ton of grapes will yield approx. 160 gallons of juice.  One acre will yield approx. 560 gallons of juice.

  • For every gallon of juice, we will end up with 5 bottles of wine.

  • Our twelve acres will produce 33,600 bottles or just over 2,800 cases of wine annually.





What grapes are growing at Blue Star Vineyard?

We currently have 7 varieties of wine grapes growing at the vineyard.

  • Frontenac grapes produce a full-bodied red wine with cherry overtones. 

  • Marechal Foch is often considered to possess Burgundy characteristics. Offering a wine with a light-medium structure and dark cherry fruit flavors.

  • LaCrescent shows best as a semi-sweet to sweet dessert white wine.  Typical varietal flavors  found in LaCrescent are apricot, peach, citrus and pineapple.

  • Marquette wines are complex, with attractive ruby color, pronounced tannins, and desirable notes of cherry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate.

  • Frontenac Gris wines present aromas of peach and apricot.  A brilliant balance of fruit and acidity creates lively, refreshing wines.

  • St. Pepin very fruity, comparable to many German style white wines.

  • Valvin Muscat wine is deliciously aromatic with lively floral notes, a hint of sweetness and a beautifully long finish.



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