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"When it comes to wine, I tell people to throw away the vintage charts and invest in a corkscrew. The best way to learn about wine

is the drinking. "                      --- Alexis Lichine




All 750 vines planted!  Thank you to all who helped for we could not have done it without you!



There is activity on some of the vines.  "Bud Swell" is occurring, which means the planting went well and the vines are beginning to grow.


5/2008                                                              The vineyard now has a tractor for mowing and various other duties.  Sue and Jeff are doing their best Eddie Albert imitations because, after all, Blue Star Vineyard is the place to be.  Farm living is the life for. . .



Blue Star Vineyard makes the paper!  Thank you to our friends for leaking the news to the press.  Nothing like free advertising.  Click here for the full article.





All Founders Club members who helped plant this year,  you'll be happy to know that your efforts are a complete success!  We are very close to 100% survival on vines planted.  Mom Nature has been doing her part, as well, with plenty of moisture.  We'll see what the summer brings.






Great news in the wine competition arena!  Jeff submitted two reds and two whites into three competitions.  His 'Big Tuscan Red' won a bronze medal in the non-commercial 'Winemakers International' competition held on the East Coast.  In the Central Illinois Winemaker's competition, his 'Big Tuscan Red', Gewürztraminer, and Pinot Gris each took a bronze medal.  As for the Illinois State Fair non-commercial competition, his Illinois grown 'Marechal Foch' took a Silver while his Gewürztraminer took a Bronze.






The vines are continuing to grow at a tremendous rate.  Abundant spring and early summer moisture, along with fertile soils have gone a long way in helping our vineyard grow.  We also conducted a test run on setting some of the trellis posts.  66 posts were set in the far block of vines.  Many thanks go out to those who helped out.  Our plans are to finish up the remainder of the vineyard trellis posts in September.



Blue Star Vineyard now has a pole barn in which to store equipment.  Jeff and Sue wish to give Krause Buildings a big thank you on a job well done.  Pictures showing the barn's construction progress are located in the photo gallery section within this web site.



Trellis posts are in place and will hopefully settle in firmly over the winter.  Also, taking advantage of 'End of Season' sales, the vineyard now has a 5 foot wide tiller the runs off the back of the tractor.  A useful tool for readying future vineyard rows.


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