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"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance."                 --- Benjamin Franklin



1/2011 - 4/2011

This past winter had plenty of snow and steady temperatures.  Winter pruning is complete and very little cold damage is apparent.

Scott Graham of Fiddlers Green Photography took our prototype wines and created some beautiful images.  He is an accomplished photographer and is available for hire. http://fiddlersgreenphotography.com



On Sept. 3rd, we combined the harvests of 3 vineyards, A Different Drummer Vineyard and RowSchell Ridge Vineyard, yielding a total 1100# of La Crescent grapes.   So our makeshift, "unofficial" winery is starting with 90+ gallons of white wine.

About 4 days later, we learned a hard lesson in the grape growing business.  Birds found our vineyard and stripped away all of our fine looking red wine grapes.  Think Alfred Hitchcock!  Thankfully, this is early on in our business life, it was only a partial crop and something we can prepare for next year.

Not to worry, Blue Star Vineyard will be sourcing red wine grapes from other nearby vineyards, so that we may continue making wine.



The summer of 2010 had abundant sunshine, warm temperatures and sufficient rains helping make this crop a potentially good vintage.   Proper pruning practices help minimize high humidity problems by allowing for good air flow.  Only the competition with weeds under the canopy proved to be a problem with vine vigor.

Blue Star Vineyard also hosted its 1st Chillin' at the Vineyard party for Founders Club members.  It was great to see many of the volunteers who've helped out one way or another at the vineyard come out to see the 'fruits' of their labor.  Here is the web site link to our photo gallery page to see their pictures, click here .



The field of entrants was tough in this year's amateur wine competition.  Blue Star Vineyard came away with multiple awards for the three wine styles entered.  Our first Blackberry fruit wine produced won a Bronze medal in the Central Illinois Wine competition.  While our La Crescent white wine took a Silver in the same competition and a Bronze in the Illinois  State Fair Competition.





More good press for Blue Star Vineyard as we are featured in two different papers!  There is a very nice write up about us in the Woodstock Independent which can be read by clicking on this Link.  The second article is in the June issue of the McHenry County Business Journal.  Click here to read this article.



Being a farmer (of sorts) is hard work.  During the months of April & May alone, Jeff learned there is a difference between a 6 and 12 volt battery and can now tell the difference!  Also, under the guidance of knowledgeable vineyard neighbor Ken, he replaced a tractor starter, repaired a brush mower, and learned more about large, heavy tractor tires than he really cared to.  Who knew they have inner tubes in them and are half filled with a 'salt' water solution!



In just over two hours, 73 people planted 800 grapevines in weather that was threatening but not awful.


Planting Day Stats:

  1. Oldest planter: 80+ years

  2. Youngest planter: almost 3 years

  3. Members of Woodstock Girl Scout Troop 553 earned a community service and outdoors badge by participating.

  4. 'McHenry County Corkers' wine club members joined in the fun.

  5. Enough employees of Woodstock District 200 volunteered their time that we could have started our own school.

  6. Farthest traveled volunteer: Finland

  7. Number of people confusing our planting party for a farm auction: 2

  8. Our thanks goes out to Gary and Carol of Shades of Blue Horse Ranch for loaning us their hay wagon again this year.

  9. Our appreciation goes out to Trent for a job well done.  The day before the planting party, he worked wonders with a Bobcat and auger by pre-drilling all our planting holes.

  10. Many, many thanks to all those who continue to show their support and encouragement to Blue Star Vineyard.

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