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"As I work peacefully in the vineyard, I feel cut off from the rest of the world.  The outside pressures and worries have vanished.

It's my Nirvana!"    ---    Jeff Pankow



1/2012 - 2/2012

The winter has been pretty uneventful.  Our precipitation levels were lower then normal and temperatures remained steady with no major cold snaps.  We feel Blue Star Vineyard will emerge from its winter's nap with very little apparent cold damage.



3/2012                                                         It is amazing how the weather can change!  This month we are experiencing summer like temperatures in the 80's.  Quite frankly this is bad news for us fruit growers!  Most of our trees and vines are coming out of dormancy and breaking bud much too early for this region.  If the warm weather holds, we will be OK.  However, the risk is too great that damaging frosts will be in our future before winter says goodbye for this season.



As we were afraid of, our weather returned to normal.  There have been a number of frosts that are causing young shoots to die from frost burn.  How badly it will effect this years crop is yet to be seen.  Thankfully at Blue Star Vineyard, we winter pruned in such a way as to 'hedge our bets' concerning late frost damage. We should know better how the vineyard faired in a month or so.



Beautiful weather returned in time for our Spring planting party. This year, we added 1 1/2 acres of vines to the ever growing vineyard.   We added one acre to the Frontenac Gris block and 1/2 an acre to our Marechal Foch block.  Our 70 volunteers finished planting the 750 vines in little over 21/2 hours!  These dedicated individuals truly amazes us in their generosity and spirit.  We are so thankful for their support.





For the 2nd year in a row, Blue Star Vineyard's winemaker, Jeff, took 'Best In Show' at the IL State Fair!  Jeff has been busing this year honing his craft as he focused on semi-sweet and sweet wines. Here is a listing of awards won:





Illinois State Fair Wine Competition

Frontenac Ros - Double Gold & 'Best In Show'

LaCrescent - Gold

St. Pepin - Silver

Foch - Silver


Indy Intl Wine Competition

Frontenac Ros - Double Gold

LaCrescent - Gold

St. Pepin - Silver



For good or bad, Blue Star Vineyard generated quite a bit of press coverage in the last few months.  For those who may not know, we have been trying to have the county create a new liquor ordinance.  The ordinance would acknowledge the needs of a winery located within rural McHenry county.  The whole process did not go as we had hoped.  Numerous articles appeared in the local newspaper reporting on the election year, political 'football' we had become.


9/2012 - 10/2012

In preparation for 2013, Blue Star Vineyard contracted with two wineries.  Studio Winery in Lake Geneva, WI purchased all of our white wine grapes while Fox Valley Winery in Oswego, IL took all of our red wine grapes.  Blue Star Vineyard wishes to thank all our volunteers who offered up their morning(s) to help pick grapes.





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